our chic family

sustainable rachel

I am a wife, and stay at home momma of two, working on living a more sustainable lifestyle but with a little more style than expected.

I do most of the writing, a good amount of the cooking, all of the cleaning and we share the child raising. I love crafting of all kinds but primarily paper and fabric crafts.

sustainable logan

He is a hubby, and working dad of two. He isn’t so chic but working on the sustainable.

He is my editor and occasional guest writer. He does most of the hard labor he loves to cook big meals on the weekends, bake yummy bread and brew his own beer as well. He is pretty skilled at nearly everything he puts his hand too. All around handy to have around.

sustainable amelia

Born September 30, 2010. She is spunky, energetic, big hearted and mind-blowingly brilliant. Seriously this kids is a genius. She is a great eater. Loves all kinds of food and will try anything. She loves to play in the dirt and run around with the animals outside.

sustainable jack

Born September 10, 2012. He is a handsome, bright-eyed, cuddly, tiny clone of his daddy. He is exclusively breastfed and cloth diapered.


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