Garden Update

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February 9th, we started about a third of our plants for this years garden. Logan and Amelia planted the seeds in little planter trays. We decided on Leafpro Organic Planting Soil, four plastic planting trays with 72 spots already filled with little soil peat pellets, and a bunch of biodegradable plantable pots.

Seedlings 2-9-13

Just 4 days later the peppers were sprouting! Another two days later, everything had pushed throughSeedlings 2-13-13

Last Sunday afternoon, Logan set out to thin the starter tray and transplant to the biodegradable pots. Everything but the onions were moved they were looking a little weepy so we decided to give them another week. It was also time to start a few other plants so we planted them directly into the pots. Seedlings 3-5-13

Today, 4 days later, all the transplanted plants are doing well. So the final count of starter plants:

5 Jalapeños

5 Sweet Peppers

5 Marconi Peppers

5 Habanero Peppers

20 Cabbage

5 Tobacco

5 Cherry Tomatoes

5 Brandywine Tomatoes

5 Roma Tomatoes

5 Millionaire Tomatoes

5 Red Onions

5 Eggplants

Just started:

5 Dill Plants (already sprouting!)

5 Basil

5 Cilantro

5 Parsley

5 Kale

5 Cauliflower

Everything else is directly sown. Most of the other seeds require warm soil so we are anxiously awaiting Spring.

I attribute a majority of our success to our little indoor green house we got at Lowes (similar ones are sold on Amazon). We were contemplating all these different little green house plans to start our plants in and everything was pretty labor intensive and large, plus they would require warming lights and we were just not wanting to invest the time this year. Then we stumbled on the Garden Plus Indoor Greenhouse. Its the perfect size and only $30.Indoor Greenhouse

It was super easy to put together, no tools required! The plastic cover fits snugly and zips open for easy access for watering. The greenhouse is on casters so I can easily move it from window to window as the sunlight moves through out the day. Considering the price and easy assembly this was the very best solution for out needs. It keeps them moist and warm. I’m really happy with our purchase.


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