The Dirty on Composting

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There is nothing new or inventive I can say about composting. I’m just gonna share how we do it and what we use. Last summer Logan’s grandfather whipped up this nifty compost bin for us. He knew we were not going to stay put for very long and would want to take our compost with us. It’s pretty simple I don’t think he used any plans or anything Just put it together. He is crafty like that.

Compost Bin

Two post hold up a metal pole. The metal pole runs through a plastic drum. The plastic drum has several holes drilled in it for ventilation and little tines on the inside to keep the material broke up.

Compost Bin Holes

Of course there is a door for dumping our goodies in. Our door has a lock to keep tricky little animals out.

Compost Bin Door

Thats it. Pretty simple.

Inside, we keep our daily compostables in a pretty little Norpro Ceramic Compost Keeper.Norpro Ceramic Compost Keeper

Its really one of my favorite things in my kitchen. It made something ugly and gross into something adorably chic. Its only one gallon and thats a little bittersweet. I have to empty it more often than I would with my big bowl but its kinds nice that it forces me to empty it more… Best part- NO Smell. It has this dandy little filter in the lid that keep the smell at bay and I have to say I am ver impressed with the odor control.

Norpro Ceramic Compost Keeper Filter | Chic Sustainability

I ordered this chic little beauty on Amazon for just $24.32 and free shipping because I’m an Amazon Prime Member (totally worth it). It also comes in red, black and a stainless steel (a little different model). I highly recommend this compost keeper. I truly love mine. Norpro Ceramic Compost Keeper on

When I am preparing a big meal with lots of compostables I just put it in a bowl (first picture) and take it directly to the bin. Compostables in Bowl

Now what to compost. We keep it pretty simple in this department too. Only plant materials with the exception of egg shells (great when growing things like okra). Most composted things in our bin: tea leaves, egg shells, potato skins, onion skins, garlic skins, coffee grounds and carrot peels, in that order.

That is composting at our house we try to keep things simply sustainable and a dash of chic.


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