Not Such a Chore

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In the year leading up to our big move from FL to MO I was secretly dreading the idea of farm chores. Feeding the animals, collecting the eggs, milking the goat ect. Luckily, I have found it to be quite pleasant. Much more pleasant since I got some work gloves and would be even better if my only boots weren’t 2 sizes too big. But none the less, I think right now outside chores are a nice break from being locked up in the house. Amelia and I bundle up to make our rounds.

First, feed the horses. We have 4 horses on the property. Wilma, Bodie, Rocky, and Pete. I feed them 2 square bales of hay every day but we have to place them about 15 feet apart or not everyone gets to eat. Wilma is a bit of a diva and orders the boys around all the time often not letting them eat from her bale. It’s a very funny dynamic. Every Spring, we cut and bale our own hay from the field next to the horse pasture. It’s terrible work in my opinion but its worth not having to buy feed for the horses through the winter.


Second, we collect the eggs and then feed the chickens. We have 2 roosters and 5 hens (I’m not entirely sure). Currently, they are free range but we have plans to change that in part (post coming really soon). We first check the bucket nests for eggs then feed them one old coffee can of corn feed everyday. Amelia very much enjoys pouring out the feed then calling for the chickens to ‘Come eat!’  Sadly they never come as they are very skittish around people.


Third, we feed the dogs (and the cats too). We have two outside dogs. Bo, a Lab mix (pictured), and Sofie, a Bassett hound. Both are very loving and enjoy nothing more than a belly rub.  There’s a clowder of crazy barn cats. During the wintery months they too eat the dog food but the rest of the year their diet is mostly they field mice and such.106_0636

That’s our usual chores but on sunny days like today I hang Baby Jack’s diapers out to sun. Amelia is a pro at handing me clothes pin. She is really quite the helper. Eventually, Amelia and I will add milking the cow or goat, feeding other animals, and weeding/ watering the garden.

Strange to say I enjoy my chores but I’m glad to say I do. This sustainable lifestyle isn’t nearly as grueling as I suspected.


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